“She always wanted to be famous”

The story of little Maddie McCann, the four-year-old British girl who disappeared in Portugal in 2007, has reopened again after…

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The story of the little girl Maddy McCannthe four-year-old British girl who disappeared in Portugal In 2007, it reopened again after statements made by him Julia Faustina, a 21-year-old Polish girl, “I think I’m a materialist, I have to take a DNA test. The British and Polish interrogators ignored me. Help me,” the 21-year-old wrote in a profile Instagram He opened in particular, Iammadeleinemcan, already having 49 posts and, in one week, amassing more than 714,000 followers. But within hours of Julia’s remarks, denial came from her family through a Polish charity called Missing Years Ago.

Maddie McCann, Polish girl asks for a DNA test: “That’s me.” Nose, chin and this mark on the right eye


Julia said she became suspicious after some hints given by her grandmother, and from that moment on, she began noticing physical characteristics that would bring her closer to the girl who disappeared 16 years ago. The coincidences won’t stop there. In support of his beliefs, he published photos with details that would prove his true identity: “I have an eye defect, like Madeleine did – wrote Julia. Only in my case it disappears every year. To connect the two, there will also be an identical birthmark on the leg, says the young woman.

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Julia admits she was abused by a man with the surname Nye, the same name as Martin, the prime suspect in Maddie’s kidnapping, and is later cleared. An element that the Polish girl sees as another parallel to the story of the English girl. However, some passages from his story don’t add up. Starting age: Maddie today would be 19, not 21 and Julia would have gone to kindergarten in Poland, in Wroclaw, while the British girl was being kidnapped. The 21-year-old also gives an explanation for this aspect: the age on her documents would be false, and the nursery school teacher would have admitted to her that she only attended school from September 2007 to July 2008.


To bury any doubt the girl’s parents were: «We always tried to help her get back on her feet. Julia is now of age. I left home a long time ago. Once she wanted to be a singer, then a model. In short, he always wanted to be famous. And for what is happening now I managed to get a million followers. We are afraid that his behavior will lead to an inevitable outcome. The Internet is forgetful, and Julia is clearly not Maddie. We broke this situation».

Maddie’s case dominated the news for many years: the little girl disappeared from a holiday home in the Algarve, Portugal, while her parents, Kate and Jerry McCann, were having dinner a few dozen yards away. Although German investigations concluded that the perpetrator was Bruckner (he was already in prison for other crimes when the announcement was made), the body was never found. Julia claims to be in contact with Madeleine’s cousin, who was going to talk about the possibility of comparing her DNA to that of the baby’s parents. And now she required those tests to remove this suspicion that gripped her while Madi’s family from Great Britain remains silent.

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