Rumor: Possible screenshots from the deck of a new 'finished' fire emblem on the internet
Photo: Smart Systems

Modernization [Wed 15th Jun, 2022 09:20 BST] More details about the supposed next Fire Emblem game have been leaked. This time, Reddit user miasmadelta Share some screenshots shown from the 18th Fire Emblem main title p/fireemblem.

Of course, this game is still unreleased, so we won’t know if it’s real until we get an official look, but screenshots confirm the “strange red and blue” hair that Rogers mentioned at Famiboards yesterday.

We won’t include screenshots here, but miasmadelta has linked to them in the Reddit post below. So, if you don’t want to spoil anything else from the rumored Fire Emblem game, Do not click on the “Characters” link..

Rogers also commented on Twitter about this footage. Again, if you’re a spoiler and want to be surprised how this game looks, be careful because some of the responses to Rogers’ tweet include some screenplay.

original article [Tue 14th Jun, 2022 15:15 BST] fire emblem Fans are celebrating now. There is less than two weeks left until the release of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, a Musou game set in Fire Emblem: Three Houses world. Three Houses themselves have been a huge success for smart systems on Switch. And Fire Emblem Heroes is still very popular among fans.

However, there is more to come for those who love the strategy RPG series. The well-known Nintendo leaker and Nintendo World Report Contributor Emily Rogers revealed that Smart Systems is working on a new Fire Emblem game for the Switch – an entirely new game and not a remake or re-release.

Rogers shared the details of this more than once Famous Peoplewhere you mentioned that the game is a collaborative effort between smart systems, the Warriors Developer Koei Tecmo, and Gust – a division of Koei Tecmo and the creators of Atelier series. Rogers also has a few tidbits about the potential new entry:

Here’s what I can share about the new Fire Emblem game.

– The upcoming Fire Emblem game is a new game, not a remake. A whole new story.
– cooperation between Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo And the Storm (a division of Koei Tecmo Holdings).
– Gust helped tremendously with the visuals/graphics. The graphics are an improvement for Three Houses.
– Originally intended as an anniversary game to celebrate FE’s 30th anniversary. The game ended over a year ago.
– The main character (the main lord) has red and blue weird hair. His mother is a dragon.
– New “emblems” gimmick allows players to summon “FE . characters” from the pastfor your team.

There are some really fun things to pick up here – the fact that Emblems will be used to summon fan-favorite Fire Emblem characters sounds really fun. Also, we think Gust’s beautiful shaded visual style would work perfectly in the Fire Emblem world; Just look at Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist in the Mysterious Dream! Finally, the game is already over – and it was a year ago.

The latter is especially interesting, because if the game is ready, and it lasts more than a year, when will we get it? We already got a new Fire Emblem this year with Three Hopes – albeit not a traditional strategy game – will Nintendo release a second in 2022? This wouldn’t be the first time the Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance were released in 2005 in North America and Europe, but perhaps Nintendo will continue until next year.

We’ll have to wait and see if that’s true!

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