Picture-in-picture support is rolling out to iOS and iPadOS devices now

YouTube is finally rolling out Picture-in-picture (PiP) support for the YouTube app on iOS and iPadOS, allowing users to view videos in a floating window while using other apps.

Although Picture-in-Picture has been available as a feature on iOS and iPadOS since the launch of iOS 14, and has been enabled in apps like Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV, the feature has never been implemented on YouTube.

Google announced the rollout on MondayJuly 11, and according to Mountain View, California, the feature will be rolling out widely over the “next several days.”

Non-Premium users in the US will be able to access PiP for non-musical content, while Premium members globally will have access to PiP, regardless of the content (musical and non-musical content). In Canada, PiP is not available for non-privileged iOS or iPadOS users, so spend at least $11.99 per month It will be necessary to use the feature.

If you don’t have PiP running, leaving YouTube while a video is playing will cause it to play in the background. To turn the feature on, head to the YouTube app on your iOS or iPadOS device > Settings > General and turn on Picture-in-Picture.

This comes after Google tested the feature with Premium subscribers last summer. The probationary period ended in April of this year.

image credit: The Google

source: The Google

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