Gwen Stefani Sings With All Her Love for Mexico (1hr 20min)

Echoing “old school” Gwencontinue with bathwater. “Wow, how are the people here tonight? We’ve been waiting two years for them to come and see you again…I want to make sure I see each of you with my own eyes,” she said and to be closer to the people she allowed them to approach her to give her the gifts they brought, like flowers.

Symbolically, he asked everyone in Spanish: “Give me a kiss.” Before pursuing music, he wanted to thank him “for listening to my music all these years. I love you.” In her most memorable character, communication with her fans was always throughout the party in the country’s capital, which she actually participated in, and was very excited about it.

The Tecate logo was seduced by Gwen Stefani.

“We live, direct, with true love, I want to tell you that after so many years of exchanging love with you, you should know that you made my life, you are my life,” he said lovingly before. it’s my life. to rich girl He asked for everyone’s help singing it because before “it’s too hard, so I’m counting on you”.

Stephanie He constantly mentioned “One Love”, and again to prove it, he sang a song before he hated it, but since it suited everyone’s taste, he couldn’t avoid it, so he made room for ex girlfriend. He also shared the doubt he always had: “Before I came here, I was thinking, I live in California, how can they tell who I am?”

Gwen Stefani: famous American singer
Gwen Stefani has completely given herself to her Mexican audience.

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Then she was able to confirm that “I am honored and blessed, I am so grateful and wish I could speak Spanish, but I know you listen to all my songs and I want to tell you that I sang them because I love you.” Then with the energy at full speed throttle keep on dancingShe asked everyone to jump in with her and Turn 4 shook her foundations.

Everything “exploded” when the chords of one of her most emblematic songs were heard and everyone howled with emotion and with it, at the top of their lungs, they resonated no speak. With her signature platinum hair in a ponytail and many fashion changes, California has never lost people’s energy.

Gwen Stefani: famous American singer
One of the best moments was when he sang “Don’t Speak”.


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