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In the United States, Republican focused on intensifying conditions on the southern border by sending Andy Pix A letter Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Myorgas on Wednesday called for the situation to be described as a “crisis”. This was a significant turning point from the Trump era, where Democrats drew attention to the border crisis and Republicans were largely silent.

Essential facts

  • Earlier this month, Alejandro Mayorgas called the rising number of unsupported children on the border a “stressful challenge.”
  • Andy Pix wrote in a letter to Alejandro Majorcos from Fox News, “Calling the deteriorating humanitarian border crisis’ a challenge rather than a ‘crisis’ demonstrates your ministry’s unwillingness to protect our country from illegal immigration.”
  • The Arizona legislator pointed out that the Department of Homeland Security’s “recent call for volunteers” is evidence that the crisis is getting worse.
  • Andy Pix also demanded that the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) reinstate immigration protection regulations, which they have in place for the duration of their investigation in Mexico, which may revoke the latest orders from the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) deportable. Immigrants and it “immediately begins to apply immigration laws to all foreigners”.

The main context

In February, the U.S. Over the weekend, CBS News reported that government reception centers had accepted more than 7,000 unsupported immigrant children and detained more than 1,500 children in the first four days of March. As a result, more than 3,000 immigrant children were trapped in border patrol facilities on Monday, according to CBS. At a news conference on Tuesday, however, White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki refused to call it a crisis. “I don’t think we need to put a new label on what we have already classified as challenging,” Ms Sackie said. One of the problems facing the United States is the impact of the Govt-19 epidemic, which has “severely limited the number of children who can stay in HHS facilities.” The border situation was a major issue during Donald Trump’s administration. In the spring of 2019, over the past full year at Trump’s White House, Democratic Senator Christopher Goons from Delaware said: “There is a dramatic humanitarian crisis, again, on the border.” This is a real crisis. There are those who really suffer. ”

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Surprising fact

Although the number of non-nationals confronted by border control officers did not reach the peak found in 2019 (144,000 migrants were arrested this May, including 55,000 children), the number of immigrants encountered in January 2021 is higher than in January 2019. The Biden administration has further promised not to separate children from their parents, who have been the most controversial and politically charged aspect of the Trump program.

To monitor

According to two sources before Fox News, arrests of border immigrants are expected to be around 100,000, indicating a more than 20% increase from January figures. GOP House President Kevin McCarthy plans to lead a team to the border next week.


At a news conference Tuesday, the Texas government blamed President Biden for the rise in Greg Abbott. “The crisis is the result of President Biden’s open border policy,” Abbott said. “It calls for illegal immigration and creates a humanitarian crisis in Texas that is getting worse by the day.”


Earlier this month, Alejandro Myorgas noted issues with the Trump administration’s policies. “In short, the previous government completely abolished the immigration system of our country,” he said. “Whether or not our Congress has the facilities to administer the humanitarian laws passed many years ago. Quite frankly, the whole system is disconnected.”

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