Globe calms the situation after Simeon's small fight

Just hours after the shock between Liverpool and Atletico de Madrid (9pm) for the Champions League group stage, Jurgen returned to Diego Simeone’s comments in front of the Globe. The latter had said at the end of the meeting that he still did not want to shake hands.

During Liverpool’s victory over Atletico de Madrid (3-2), Rojiblancos coach Diego Simeone refused to shake hands with Jurgen Klopp after the match. One scene made people talk and created a small fight between the two coaches, responding to the media.

At 9pm this Wednesday, the two teams will face each other again for the fourth day of the Champions League. At a press conference, El Solo said he did not want to shake hands with his colleague. Trying to calm the situation is a decision that the Globe respects: “If I had known he did not want to shake hands after the game, I would not have tried, I went to him, I stretched out my hand, it was not necessary, we were both emotional. Now I know he did not shake hands, no problem. We’ll clench our fists, I think. “

The German technician said all the good things he thought about Argentina’s performance in the fourth game in La Liga: “It’s absolutely exceptional what he’s been doing for so long at Atletico. He stands against the big teams.

Simeon: “I do not like to greet the opposing coach after the game”

Before the Jrgen Globe, Diego Simeone discussed the reasons for refusing to greet opposing coaches after matches: “I do not like greeting the opposing coach after the game because the feelings of the two coaches are different. I understand what that means. It’s made in England but I do not like hypocrisy.”

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While reassuring the Reds technician who knows how to take Mercy’s club to the next level: “I recognize that he’s a great coach, the work he did where he went.”


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