Record divorce for Russian oligarchs, ex-wife 531 million euros-
From Paula de Caroles

Farkhad Akhmetov, Putin’s collaborator, the woman filed a lawsuit against her son

Faced with the battle between the Russian oligarch Farkhad Akhmedov and his ex-wife Tatiana, Supreme Court Justice Gwyneth Knowles rethought the opening of Anna Karenina: every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. He recalled the Akhmedov clan, Among the most miserable people ever. Now Mrs. Tatiana has something to console her: she received from her ex-husband the assets allocated to her by the court in 2016, approximately 454 million pounds, about 531 million euros, a total that makes her divorce more salty. . In British Legal History.

If Farkhad, on the blacklist of Vladimir Putin collaborators drawn up by the United States, had stated thatصرح He preferred to burn the money instead of handing it over to the ex-wife And over the years, according to his wife, he did not give her even a penny, and in the end a formula was found that brought the two parties together, a mixture of money, real estate, and works of art which amounted to the amount indicated by the Supreme Court. This announcement was made by a spokesperson for the oligarchy as well as by Burford Capital Group مجموعة Litigation Financing, Or to finance legal disputes that Tatiana resorted to to force the ex to open his wallet. You, Tatiana, do not comment at the moment, perhaps the material and moral victory will be enough for her, as well as the opportunity to get a special set that tempts many experts. In fact, they belong to Akhmetov quadri di Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko e Damien Hirst, apparently preserved in Liechtenstein.

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Unlike her ex-husband, who returned to Russia, Ms. Akhmedova has been a British citizen for more than 20 years. In Surrey, she raised two children, now adults, practically alone. After coming to an agreement with the ex on the transfer of money, it will allow her to build a new life, albeit Divorce has had profound effects on the scale and on family love. The eldest son Timur, for example, was accused by the Supreme Court of becoming his father’s right-hand man and helping him to hide the estate with a series of operations aimed at preventing his mother from getting what she deserved. Last April, Judge Knowles called him a con man and instructed him to do so He paid his mother 75 million pounds. Thanks to him and his financial adventures, Akhmetov’s father, who remarried at the age of 65 to a woman thirty years younger than him, was able to deprive his ex-wife of the yacht Luna, a boat of 300 million pounds. With ten VIP cabins and 20 – meter swimming pool built for another Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich.

His legal representatives argued that Timur – a merchant from the city accustomed to a certain standard of living with a lot of £35m apartment overlooking Hyde Park, Rolls Royce and Tesla – they never wanted to take sides but inevitably plunged into the maelstrom of a bitter family feud. It is hard to imagine that he will now be able to reconnect with his mother, Tatiana, who, among other things, was able to obtain a court order to reduce her expenses to £3,000 a month.

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