Here is the food preservation technique

a Mom She prepared 426 canned meals ready to feed her three children for the next eight months. agricultural businessman, Kelsey ShawFromIndiana in United StateHe decided to keep the original food prepared at home to feed his family during the long winter months, when produce from the ground would be less available.

Already 5 years ago, in 2017, the woman began to preserve her products, not only vegetables or pickles, but a variety of foods, including meat, using methods such as drying.

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careful preparation

In fact, during the summer, the Shaw family consumes the freshest food produced on their farm, while they begin preparing the food to keep for the coming months, ready to eat from October to May. A choice dictated by the fear of it happening natural disasters or pandemic.

“When we moved to the farm, we wanted to live a slower lifestyle and we wanted to know what we were eating and where it came from,” explained the woman who learned how to store food on her own.

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“It takes a lot of time. I spend at least two hours a day in the garden, so the process of storing things can take days. It is a skill to be able to save food, but I am very proud every time I enter the store.” During the Covid pandemic, in fact, There was no problem for the family, no kind of panic about lack of food.And among the advantages of canned preservation, “dinner is ready”.

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