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The Chaos grows in Afghanistan. Europe fears the arrival of large numbers of Afghan refugees. Hence the activity Mario Draghi As current president, to establish the extraordinary Group of Twenty in September. but to persuade Joe Biden, Writes DagosbyaThat China, Russia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia need to be involved in the Afghan crisis is by no means easy. Indeed, to participate in the meeting of world leaders, Biden wants, first of all from the current G7, solidarity in favor of the American line.

Biden then asks Draghi to know in advance what the position of Russia and China will be. With Putin, who fears the Afghan diaspora, the Italian prime minister has already spoken, while tomorrow, Wednesday, August 25, he will have a telephone conversation with the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping. It is clear that in exchange for a possible participation in the G-20 and “support” for the Western countries’ solution, the Chinese president will need a counterpart, From 5G to business relationships.

Draghi also hopes for the G-20 leaders’ presence, Biden no, he wants it virtually. The Italian Prime Minister also speaks with Ursula von der Leyen: Austria, Hungary and Slovenia have already rejected the initiative of the President of the European Union Commission to open a humanitarian corridor for Afghan refugees. In response, von der Leyen plans to go by majority rather than unanimity. Meanwhile, Biden is in the midst of a conflict between the Pentagon, which confirms the withdrawal of US forces by August 31, and the Secretary of State. Anthony Blinken who opposes it. “He is well aware that the United States is in danger of leaving its Western allies in the middle of a road, all on Afghan soil, away from the Kabul airport,” Dagosbya recalls. Meanwhile, the Germans are negotiating with the Taliban to bring their troops home.

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