Suzanne Linden joins Season 2 of the

The actress, who has released her first film as a director, Sixteen spring, Starring Art next season of the hit series.

First season, with over 36.5 million views on Art’s streaming platformIn therapy It was a huge success last February. While its sequel is currently in development, Sunday newspaper Next year reveals the exterior of this second season.

Actress and director Suzanne Linden, its first film Sixteen spring Receiving the Cannes 2020 label last year is one of the headlines of this new season. According to the weekly magazine, he will play “as a student facing the psychological consequences of infection”.

New chapters will look at the impact of epidemics and Govt-19. They will be produced by Eric Tolidano and Oliver Nagache, Arnaud Deslechin and Agnes Joey. Frederick Pierrod will return as a psychoanalyst. He will always answer Carol Bouquet, or Esther, to his psychoanalyst controller.

Adaptation of a successful Israeli fiction (Pedipul), Which has already led to several remakes in the US and Italy … In therapy Aims to show the flaws and shocks of French society through a gallery of characters.

The French series takes on original profiles: each episode resembles a session with a patient (a doctor, a police officer, a teenage girl with suicidal thoughts and a couple in crisis). In the fifth episode, closing the week, Dayan, the psychoanalyst who played Frederick Pierre, is naked, relying on his guide (Carol Bouquet).

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