“You pay $148 million for defaming two officials for the 2020 elections” – Corriere.it

A federal jury ordered A Rudolph Giulianiformer lawyer L Donald Trumpl He paid more than $148 million For two Georgia election officials in 2020.

The payment, according to the court, is necessary after Giuliani gained de facto power “It destroyed their reputation and caused them severe emotional distress.” Spreading “baseless lies and conspiracy theories” that the two – Robbie Freeman and Shay Moss – They tried it Stealing Trump’s victory by rigging the vote.

Freeman and Moss, a mother and daughter, described during the trial how their lives were turned upside down after Dec. 3, 2020, when Giuliani first blamed them for trying to change the outcome of the Georgia election in favor of Trump. According to what they testified, the officials were subjected to racist insults and violent threats.

Giuliani, who was also the mayor of New York City, had already been found guilty of defamation months ago: the jury now only had to determine the extent of the damages. The two women requested much less compensation As determined by the jury: 47 million dollars.

Giuliani determined the amount of compensation “silly” This has already been announced “It will definitely appeal.” Against the decision. He added: “The absurdity of this number confirms the absurdity of the entire procedure.”

Joseph Sibley, Giuliani’s lawyer, acknowledged in the courtroom that his client had caused damages to officials, but described the potential impact of a $47 million payout as “catastrophic.”


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