“Based on everything Models We have achieved, we believe in the truth The number of deaths Two to five times higher than the official number. That pandemic From corona virus in India It has been underestimated, it was now certain, but it is scientifically proven that the figures issued by the health authorities do not represent the true extent of the spread is Bahramar Mukherjee, An epidemiologist at the University of Michigan, who al The New York Times He spoke of a “complete massacre of data” emerging from troubling curves Indian subcontinent. For a week actually India Score staggering numbers of dead e ContagionAnd the With Hospitals Collapse, cremation from dawn to midnight e Even on the street because the flow Death cases he is It cannot be stopped.

Mukherjee It shows that the difference between reality and the official figures has already revealed itself on the occasion of the first wave of Coronavirus diseaseWhen the death toll reported by health authorities had escaped many fatalities away from Hospitals, Especially in Regions rural. And it is being repeated now, Faced with a tsunami more violent than infection, Which struck the Indian subcontinent when the government was hoping to avoid it and did not specifically restrict it Celebrations Gods wedding parties, Political rallies e Religious. Like the Hindu pilgrimage Kumbh MelaAlso attended by two Venice, Adel Bergamo April 7 and positive results for the Hindi formula.

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The Corona Virus With a double boom, which helped get the emergency out of control in the country in which you live 18% of the world’s population And where is most VaccinesIt’s scary, even thousands of miles away. give her United States of America to Germany, from Great Britain All’Saudi ArabiaMany countries have taken dispatch measures pharmaceutical e Oxygen It has become unavailable in New Delhi and major cities. Now there is a shortage of supply Wood. why me Crematoriums They could no longer accept me Corpses To perform funeral rites according to tradition HinduAnd they repeat more and more Do-it-yourself crematorium From the night They are burning Illegally along the already polluted river banks Yamuna.

He always said, “Not many deaths are counted, and they are increasing every day.” The New York Times JC GautamCardiologist prof Bhopal, Convinced that Authority They do this because they “don’t want to be creative panicThe latest bulletin reports 2,771 deaths in 24 hours.Among them, too, is an aunt Eighty years From the prime minister Narendra Modi. A sixty-year-old hospitalApollo Hospital, Delhi, Which cannot be moved to intensive care because there are no vacancies: some of them are private Relatives, As indicated by a video clip on India today, They have to order it Attacked Doctors and nurses, with sticks, destroyed the reception areas of a well-known private hospital. An episode is not isolated these days IndiaWhere, along with Coronavirus disease Discontent spreads.


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