Derby day in Hamburg today! HSV (5th place) vs FC St. Pauli (leader). Right in the middle instead of just having Guido Burgstaller! The 32-year-old striker is the second top scorer in the German Bundesliga (14 goals). Borghi is on the flow, seeing his ‘third spring’ of the season and found in ‘English Week’ after the cup flip against defending champion BVB (Tuesday, 2:1) and before the ‘Hamburg spotlight’. Exclusive league portal interview. Under the slogan “Give me five= 5 answers,” said the Carinthia native (Villach) of the ÖFB team, in which the former Rapidler completed 25 missions (2 goals), his award at Kicker Sportmagazin, the Personal Success Award and from FC St. Pauli, who is a legend and derby today.

The direction of the second division leader FC St. Pauli is set by Guido Burgstaller of Austria. Tonight also in the Hamburg derby?

League Portal: Hello Mr. Burgstaller, our end Before the Cup coup 2: 1 against defending champions Borussia Dortmund, in preparation for the second 2: 0, they also played their part. At FC St. Pauli and you, it’s been going well this season anyway. Why has FC St. Pauli and your team been so far this season so far?

Guido Burgstaller: We laid the foundation for things going well for us last season. At the time, we had a tough first half of the season, and it wasn’t good for me personally either because of the injury. But we continued to work calmly and believed in continuing to develop the team and the idea of ​​our game. Then this further development finally yielded the right results. We have a great team spirit, everyone works for each other and supports each other. Otherwise, achieving such success against Dortmund would not be possible.

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Liga portal: You are the second top scorer in the German Bundesliga, rated as ‘excellent’ by the specialist magazine Kicker Sportmagazin in its rankings for the first and fall rounds, how important is this award to you?

Guido Burgstaller: Personal awards are not as important to me as team success. I want to do my part, whether it’s with goals or otherwise. If I can score goals it always means my teammates have put me in the spotlight beforehand. In that regard, I also see it as a prize for the whole team.

League portal: On the subject of the ÖFB team, do you have a chance to resign your resignation and what are the odds for your country in order to continue to solve the World Cup ticket in “booking”?

Guido Burgstaller: I think and hope the team beat Wales. After that, the decisive match will be in Vienna, so I am sure we will see Austria at the World Cup. But I won’t be a part of it myself and I’ll keep my fingers crossed from afar. My career with the national team ended long ago and will remain that way.

La Liga gate: As a former Rapidler player you know the Vienna derby, and as a former Schalke player, you know the Rohrbott derby against BVB. How would you rate the Hamburg derby and how do you see FC St. Pauli’s ambitions at the top, given the six-point lead over Hamburg?

Guido Burgstaller: The situation in the table does not interest us at all. The derby is very important for our fans and of course we want to give them that win. Basically, we go into every game with the goal of winning it.

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La Liga gate: FC St. Pauli is a slightly different club. Also suitable for partner club fan friendship 1. FC Köln, who describes himself as “remarkably different”. This also applies to Kiez-Klub … Description of the legend of FC St. Pauli and what makes this cult club so special that you actually get goosebumps on the field when AC/DC “Hells bells” blare from the speakers?

Guido Burgstaller: First and foremost, the fans and members are what make this club what it is. It’s their club and the support we get from them is amazing. That is why it is such a shame that we can only play in front of a small number of them. It would be something completely different to be able to try out games like the one facing Dortmund in the all-sold-out Millerntor.

Photo: SID

Interviewed by Herbert Bowman/Legaportal


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