Bishop and faithful of the Assyrian Orthodox Church in Sydney stabbed during mass: man arrested –

There were several people, including Bishop Mar Mary Emmanuel Knife wounds during mass in the church of the Old Church of the East In the suburb of Wakley (Sydney). This was reported by Australian media, which stated that the stabbing incident occurred around seven in the evening (local time). Law enforcement officials said they have A man has already been arrested in connection with the attack. They say the investigation is ongoing.

According to the police, The wounded – Australian media reported four, but there is still no official confirmation from authorities – They won't be in serious condition. The ambush occurred while Mass was being held and was being broadcast live on YouTube: images captured by the webcam – now removed from the platform but spread on X by some Australian accounts – show the moment the religious man was hit with a sharp object. man. Immediately after that, some believers intervened to stop the attacker. The identity of the attacker is not yet known, nor are the reasons for his violent gesture known.

The ancient Church of the East and extreme conservative positions

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is the leader of an ultra-conservative Assyrian Orthodox sect that has played a prominent role in the Christian Lives Matter movement and attracted hard-line Christians due to his anti-LGBTQ sermons and skepticism about the COVID-19 pandemic.

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