In 2022 a Russian brigade was equipped with Tochka-U missiles.  Russia did not strip them in 2020

On April 8, 2022, the Tochka U . missile Kramatorsk station hit About fifty people were killed. Officially, this could have been a missile Out of service The Russian army in 2020, replaced by the newer Iskander missile. at tweet From the OSINT . Survey Collection conflict intelligence team (CIT) shows a frame taken from the Russian channel Kuban24 . TV, which will show how in February 2021 the missiles were still in use by the Moscow army. a item On August 24, 2021 from the site File name The 47th Missile Brigade of the Russian Army is mentioned, with a special highlight: Tochka-U missile equipment. Only this year, as reported tax at item On January 20, the brigade will receive the new Iskander missiles, just one month before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

a videopublished on February 15, 2022 on the official Facebook page of the ZVEZDA TV channel (Телеканал “ЗВЕЗДА”), openly declares that Tochka-U was used during military exercises in Belarusian territory.

In the Russian TV website The use of the missile is explicitly mentioned, while the Belarusian website Belta Reports The names of the operating groups: the 465th missile brigade “Tochka-U” and the 77th separate missile artillery division “Polonaise”, both from Belarus.

Ukraine, on April 8, 2022, accusation Russia kicked off Tocka-U . missile In the Chernihiv region. According to the Ukrainians, the missile was launched from Belarus.

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