Times are tough Lockers. When they thought they had put together an ultra blinking-blinking team LeBron James Towards the title, they were very disappointed from the start of the season.

Unable to win any wins before the season, the Angelinos have lost twice in a row in the regular season, including tonight against Phoenix (115-105).

This dark start already seems to leave traces in the locker room. Source, Lt. James Lieutenant, Anthony Davis Brought Dwight Howard In the middle of a game.

The basis of these tensions? Bad communication between two people in the 2nd quarter and a Howard Who does not accept criticism Davis During the deadline. The reunited Davis finally physically attacked Howard, and both players eventually had to be separated by teammates.

Magic Johnson on Twitter, tensions reacting to the club’s true legend: “An argument on the bench. I’m been one of those lockers for 42 years and I ‘ve never seen anything like it … “

Unable to start the machine, a sad picture that symbolizes all the tension that currently resides in these lockers.

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