El Castilla empató con la Cultural Leonesa. Captura/RealMadridTV

Good and bad feelings for Real Madrid Castilla Raul before the season starts. He tied 2-2 in a friendly match against Cultural Lonesa, a contender in the category, which provided a good description of both their suitability and the quality of their opponents, who used their quick wisdom to sign the tables.

These are born from brace. Before the break, Cerrajeria hit a ball in the area before which goalkeeper “Merengue” could not do anything. He not only subtly whipped it up, but tucked it into the bottom of the panty firmly. For the end tables, Aaron Benin stunned from the center of the field.

This happened after the Whites came back to the brink of the break in the first 45 minutes and soon after the confrontation resumed. Arribas, the recurring protagonist of a company belonging to the Spanish capital, looked so Raise swords high And Gonzalo Garcia, head first, put himself in front.

The result 2-2 testifies to Real Madrid Castilla’s ability to do so Overcoming the opposite situationBut he also cautions that kits like Cultural Leonesa are of very high quality and will cause many problems with their direct passes from Primera RFEF. The official campaign is about to begin.

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