Italgas and Amplifon among the world’s 100 companies “loved” by employees in 2023 –

Amplifon and Italgas are the only two Italian companies to return in 2023 to the ranking formulated by Most Loved Workplace and by Newsweek magazine’s 100 Most Loved Companies by Their Employees. The rankings include the top companies to receive the “Most Liked Workplace” certification—which recognizes the basis of the satisfaction, engagement, and inclusion metrics developed by the Florida Institute of Best Practices. In the top 100, led by the British multinational consulting firm Hlb, there are also companies of the caliber of Spotify and Hilton.

Amplifon: cooperation and positive values

The final ranking was reached by analyzing results determined after interviewing more than two million employees of companies with numbers ranging from 30 to more than 10,000 people. The 100 companies were chosen because they place respect, concern and appreciation for their employees at the heart of their business model. “I am fortunate enough to lead a group of very talented people – commented Amplifon CEO Enrico Vita – who share very simple but also very strong values, and who share a project, Passionate about achieving ambitious goals, but above all, who enjoy working alongside the right team dynamics ». According to the website of Most Loved Workplace, which has 19,350 employees, Amplifon reached 83rd place thanks to eight elements: collaboration among people, positive vision for the future, respect for employees and support in achieving their goals, alignment of company and employee values, company benefits and policies, leadership chief executive officer.

Italgas: referral and carbon dioxide reduction programme

Italgas ranks 75th and, according to the Most Loved Workplace website, has 4,000 workers in its offices and has been recognized as one of the most loved companies in the world by its workforce because it “listens to its employees by implementing referrals (recommendations and suggestions) from people to third parties.” ) to reward employees. first served Every vacancy within the company and launch a program Digital Ambassadors, which is a type of reverse mentoring where younger employees help older ones with new technologies. To benefit both people and the planet, the company closes its offices every Friday to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”

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