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The outlook for inflation is not encouraging, as evidenced by new forecasts by the Bank of Mexico (Banksico) that the index may reach a high this Thursday. Since January 2001.

The central bank expects the National Prices and Quotes Index (INPC) to end at 7.8 percent in the current quarter, the most accurate forecast if it sticks with the latest report from the National Statistics and Geographical Institute (ENEGI).

Inflation was 7.88 percent in the first half of June, the agency said. Prices of potatoes and other tubersChicken, electricity, packaged soft drinks and oranges.

The central bank has also updated its forecasts for the third quarter of last year 7 to 8.1 percent. If this is true, inflation in Mexico will reach its peak Since January 2001When it was placed at 8.01, according to Inegi data.

What do you expect the end of the year to be like?

Banxico predicts that inflation will close 7.5 percentThis confirmed the central bank’s forecast of 6.4 percent in early June.

By 2023, the central bank estimates that inflation will fall to 6.5 percent in the first three months and 4.4 percent in April-June.

By the third quarter of 2023, the Bank of Mexico estimates that inflation will return to its target level of 3 percent +/- one percent.

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