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17.51: Thanks for following us and good evening!

17.50: the appointment is on Sunday at 13 with the Grand Prix, where Italy can do well

17.48: a victory for France 0, second place for Belgium with 4, third place for the Netherlands with 8, fourth place for the United States with 8, fifth for Canada with 10, sixth for GBR with 12, seventh for Ireland and Germany with 20, Italy ninth with 42, and the elimination of Spain 10th after the half The first of the matches

17.47: Excellent and lucky for French Stout who touched the last third hurdle still standing, and concludes with a clear lead and thus the victory of France, who won the Nations Cup for the twentieth time. The last transalpines success was 12 years ago!

17.45: Belgium badly takes second place! net of ethelite. Now France. With the net he wins, with no other result he goes to the barrage

17.44: a double zero for the American kraut. For the US team, 8 points, tied with the Netherlands

17.41: Holland takes the lead after Houtzager’s net. 8 penalty points for the Netherlands that can climb to the podium

17.39: Germany’s Kukuk foul and 20 total penalty kicks for Germany that go for a double-match with Ireland

17.37: 4 penalties for Briton Wilson who closes with 12 overall penalties and enters second place

17.35: 4 penalties for Irish Kenny. Total 20 penalty kicks for a disappointing Ireland risking an eighth place ahead of Italy and Spain

17.33: One penalty kick for Canada with Miller. Canada is closing in with 10 penalties and is unlikely to be on the way to the podium. It’s up to Kenny the Irish

17.32: Lorenzo de Luca gives up the second heat. Italy closes with 42 penalty kicks. Now Canada

17.29: A clear path for the French Post that will close poorly at 4 points. The podium is guaranteed to the dairy trans races who, with another zero, will have certainty of victory

17.27: A clear path also for Belgium’s Guery. Belgium 4 points. It is up to France, which is currently 0, at the top

17.25: A net turn for the American Mojri, who compensates for the 8 penalties he suffered in the first half

17.23: Also a double zero for Dutch Greve. The Netherlands is still on its way to the podium

17.20: Eckermann rejected and foul, too long and 19 penalty points for Germany

17.19: Another zero for Britain’s Ellen Whitaker. Beware of Great Britain that can climb into positions

17.16: Ireland say goodbye to dreams of glory: 2 fouls and 8 penalties for O’Connor. This year too, the Irish, tonight’s eve favorite, won’t be partying in Piazza di Siena

17.14: Penalty point for Canada’s Underhill

17.12: A double foul by Filippo Maria Boloni, who ended the match with 9 penalties. Italy is also far from eighth at the moment

17.08: Leprevaut’s mistake but France, who remain at 0, are in the lead at the moment. After the Spanish singles player, it will be Italy’s turn with Filippo Marco Bologna

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17.07: Bad performance by Clemens of Belgium, as his team was removed by 8 penalties from the first Frenchman in the standings.

17.05: American Reid double fault. The United States that can lose positions

17.03: 4 penalties also for the Netherlands team, which closed the first half with a clear cut

17.01: Another foul by German Weishaubet, who closed his test with 4 penalties

17:00: Zero penalties also for Britain’s Stockdale. Great Britain is there too

16.58: Zero penalty for Irish Lynch. The Irish are still in the race

16.55: Clear path for Canadian Foster, North Americans climbing the slope

16.53: A lot of mistakes for the Blues: Garofalo scores 12 penalties and the last dreams of glory for the Blues fade

16.48: France defends itself well and Delister scores another goal. The French are still in the lead. After Fernandez Sarro who participates as a single, it will be Italy’s role with Antonio Maria Garofalo

16.47: Another clear path and thus a double zero for Belgian Philiparet who re-launched Belgium’s ambitions

16.45: False and 4 penalties for American Kelan

16.43: Dutch team Vrieling collects two fouls and closes in with a point delay: 9 points. Irish Allen does not start

16.39: A mistake on the part of the German Wargers. 4 penalty points for Germany

16.38: Briton Whitaker closed his test with five penalties, a foul and one second over the time limit

16.35: Kandel commits two fouls for Canada with eight penalties

16.33: It’s not a real day for Luca Marziani who finished his second qualifying test with 9 penalties after 29 in the first half. This is not the evidence that can allow Italy to earn points

16.31: The second heat is too short. Only nine teams competed, except for Spain. Italy will be there and they will open the match with Luca Marziani

16.07: second run from 16.30

16.05: Ranking: France 0; Belgium, USA, Netherlands 0; Germany, Gbr, Ireland, Canada 8; Elimination of Spain 8; Italy will participate 12 in the last round as the organizing country and is not separated by more than 8 points from the eighth place

16.03: Wathleite’s mistakes cost his team first place, 8 penalties to him, 4 penalties to the Belgians

16.02: net track for French Staut. First team without penalties Across the Alps

15.59 Foul by the Canadian Miller who closes with 4 penalty kicks. Canada closes with 8 sanctions

15.57: The American kraut track is perfect. The United States closes 4 sanctions

15.55: Spain remains ahead of Italy. Alvarez Moya net track and 8 penalties for the Iberian national team

15.53: Too bad! The foul goes straight to the last hurdle for De Luca. Italy closes with 12 penalty kicks, and the cut date is approaching with the Blues

15.50: 4 penalty points for Ireland’s Kenny. Total 8 penalty kicks for Ireland. Now we need a full squad for Italy in search of qualification for the final rounds

15.48: Many mistakes made by Britain’s Wilson, who ended up with 20 penalties and a time of 75.00. 8 Great Britain Sanctions That Ignore Recent Performance

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15.45: 4 penalties also for German Kukuk with a time of 72.73. 8 sanctions for Germany

15.43: 4 penalties, with a time of 75.32. 4 penalties for all Holland

15.41: Fourth penalty kick for the Belgian Jerry who misses the last hurdle

15.39: The French Post closes the clear road

15.37: Canada’s Underhill net training session with a time of 74.56

15.35: American Mograe scores eight penalties, with a time of 72.83 .

15.33: Spaniard Alvarez Aznar closes with four penalty kicks 75.04

15.31: Boulogne Blue take four penalty points with a time of 76.50

15.29: Ireland’s O’Connor sets the full course, first for his lineup with a time of 76.63. Now it’s up to Filippo Marco Bologna for Italy

15.26: Britain’s Eileen Whitaker closes without error, with a time of 73.98 .

15.23: German Eckermann scored 72.79 times with four penalty kicks

15.21: Dutch Greve net training session with a time of 74.11

15.16: Belgian Clemens gives his team the second net with a time of 74.47. Now a short break, then the last twenty pairs

15.14: Four penalties for the Frenchman, Librevost, with a time of 74.80 .

15.08: The American Reid closed with 4 penalties and a time of 74.42

15.07: Spaniard Nunez Silva closes with 9 penalties and a time of 77.73

15.05: 4 penalty points for Antonio Maria Garofalo, who finishes with a time of 72.61, good performance for Blue

03.03: The Irish Lynch closes with four penalties at 74.87, the Irish try to recover and Italy also tries after Marziani’s disastrous departure

15.00: 4 penalties also for Britain, Stockdale, with 74.04. Now Ireland

14.58: 4 penalties for German Weishaupt with a time of 74.13

14.55: also clears the track for Dutch clubs that close at 75.05

14.53: Belgium’s Filipperts takes the lead with a distance of 72.19. It starts with the Netherlands

14.52: France’s Delestre closes the road clear: 74.71 for him, second behind Germany. The end of the first round with Belgium

14.49: 8 penalties for Canadian Kandel, who closes with a time of 74.33. Now France

14.46: American Kennan completed the net course in a time of 75.09. It’s up to Canada

14.44: Spaniard Fernandez Sarro scored in the time 75.06 with 4 penalties. Now the United States

14.41: disaster at first for the inhabitants of Mars, many errors with refusals. Italy with its back to the wall. 85.27 for Blue with 29 penalty points

14.38: Ireland did not start well: 12 penalties for Allen, time 72.56. It’s time for the first blue, Luca Marziani

14.36: 4 penalties in favor of Britain’s Whitaker, score of 73.94. Now Ireland

14.33: The German Wargers scored without errors 74.48. Now British Whitaker

14.31: 77.72 with 5 penalty points for Vrieling

2.30pm: Holland starts with Jur Vrieling. Two competitions, three scores out of four pairs equal all national teams

14.28: Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, France and Belgium in the race

14.25: On paper, however, the favorites still remain, Ireland, who has climbed the podium six times in twenty entries but never managed to win (2nd and 3rd places): Chef Michael Blake Bertram Allen and Alexander Butler called up Daragh Kenny and Dennis Lynch and Sean O’Connor.

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14.22: Italy’s other pairs are: Francesca Cerici in Cape Coral, Lorenzo De Luca on F1 Llosa, Antonio Maria Garofalo in Conquistador and Luca Marziani on Lightning.

14.19: In the formation of Italy: the chosen Carabinier Filippo Bologna in Quillazio replaces Riccardo Pisani in the Chacolot in blue whose four pairs will be chosen by the national selector, Marco Porro.

14.16: Ireland, who have never won in twenty copies, are the favorites to win the final, but Italy wants to do well at home.

14.13: The 89th CSIO5 * Traditional Nations Cup was held in Rome Piazza di Siena – Master Fratelli d’Enzio

14.10: Good morning friends of OA sport and welcome to the live broadcast of the Horse Riding Nations Cup, one of the highly anticipated races of the week of the competition program at Piazza di Siena in Rome

Program, schedules, TV and streaming of the Nations Cup Piazza di SienaPresentation of the Cup of Nations Piazza di SienaItaly Ensemble for Piazza di SienaThe complete program of Piazza di SienaQualification criteria for showjumping in Paris 2024Proceedings of the first day of competitions in Piazza di Siena

Hello and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the Nations Cup of Riding, one of the most anticipated races of the week of the competition program at Piazza di Siena in Rome. Tradition happens 89th CSIO5 Nations Cup * in Rome Piazza di Siena – Master Fratelli d’Inzeo, Scheduled for Friday, May 27: Ireland, who has not won in twenty copies, is the frontrunner For the ultimate victory, but Italy wants to do well at home.

within bluesCompared to the first list released, there was one replacing Among the couples eligible to author Italy formation: The Carabinieri chose Filippo Bologna over Quilazio to replace Riccardo Pisani at Chaclote In blue the five from which the four pairs will be chosen National Team Selector, Marco Porro. Other Italy pairs are: Francesca Cerise at Cape Coral, Lorenzo De Luca on F One Usa, Antonio Maria Garofalo in Conquistador and Luca Marziani on Lightning. The Quartet of Nations Cup on Friday 27.

Although on paper Ireland’s favorite remainswhich rose in twenty possessions Six times on the podium but did not manage to win (Second and Fourth Places): Minor Team Chef Michael Blake summoned Bertram Allen, Alexander Butler, Darrag Kinney, Dennis Lynch and Sean O’Connor.

OA Sport brings to you the Live Horse Riding Nations Cup, one of the most anticipated races of the week of the competition program at Piazza di Siena in Rome, Real-time news, minute by minute, so you don’t really miss anything, It starts at 2.30pm!

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