Discord messaging app buys anti-bullying tech company
Disagreement will show a particular interest in strengthening temperance capabilities. (Photo: Reuters/Dado Rovich/Illustration)

Messaging app discord Advertise the purchase of the company guard, recognized by Develop a technology focused on detecting cyberbullying.

Sentropy’s business model consists of Monitoring the Internet for cases of abuse and harassment Through artificial intelligence in order to present it to users Blocking options or filters for content that affects them.

The company gained fame at the beginning of the year with its first product, guard protectionfocus tool Detecting harmful content on social media of its users, primarily on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the controversy currently exists يوجد Over 150 million monthly usersTherefore, the need to increase protection and moderation work in societies is increasingly necessary.

Regarding the purchase, John Redgrave, CEO of Sentropy, stated that the alliance and the use of resources provided by Discord It will allow you to “increase the depth” of your effect.

The success of this model depends on the integration of trust and security into each product. We do not take this responsibility lightlyRedgrave added.

This decision will also be part of Discord’s plans to move away from its roots as a network for gamers and expand as a messaging alternative that is open to everyone.

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