Ski.  Rate his evolution in the video

This Sunday, the developers of the next Skate game took care of shattering the dreams of gamers who are waiting for new information during EA Play Live. But they also promised the “little thing”. Video, then.

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As we might expect, not without warning, you shouldn’t expect much from Full Circle. Not that we can consider this a lazy team, but statements that skateboard development. It wasn’t too advanced and it’s been repeated enough, and let’s not forget the pandemic, to make us think it’s going to take time.

After one year

That doesn’t stop the studio that was officially built last January from sharing the news: they’re working pretty well on it. To prove it, they showed us through a short video that motion capture sessions are underway. They even tell us that people have seen the gameplay. Nearly twenty, except for programmers, where there are huge and very popular fans, such as ZexyZek.

The different reactions are also interesting because they sometimes give clues, such as the fact that it could be an open world, and that our avatar will not be limited to movements on a skateboard but can walk and climb. When necessary … Altogether in cases, witnesses agree that it is “amazing.” So let’s believe them now and wait to see more about this sled. No release date or platform announcement. If not, you can always try restarting Skate 3, which dates back to 2011.



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