Safe holidays with variable delta?  What to do according to the experts

safe holidaysThis is what many Italians need in the process of organizing Summer DepartureJust as the alert spreads delta variable.

What do you do to travel safely and not spoil your summer plans?

While the world and Europe are raising concerns about how the Indian virus strain will spread, there is still a way to escape the emergency. he is leave safely: The appeal of virologists. What do the experts say?

Variable Delta and Holidays: How to leave safely

Continue to adhere to the basic rules, such as mask Indoors and in gatherings, manual sanitation, ventilation of buildings is not sufficient to saveProperty.

The sincere appeal comes from the many virologists and experts who are watching the infection trend on the rise with delta variable grow. In order not to destroy the freedom that Italians just won after the nightmare of 2020, it is necessary to make a double gesture: to undergo two injections of the vaccine.

Only after you finish it الانتهاء immunization You can leave in peace. This is how Vaia, of Spallanzani expressed himself:

“It is not time to worry, but it is time to act, we must Everyone is vaccinated And then lock ourselves in sequence of variables. Let’s start with the second dose.”

From the same opinion is the immunologist Viola, who mentioned how the delta strain is more transmissible, but above all less sensitive to antibodies. Those who only received one dose were still susceptible to getting sick as well as getting infected.

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So the tip for safe holidays is just one tip: “We need to call back without delay until after the holiday. Until you are fully vaccinated (10 days after the second dose), you should continue to use masks and spacers”

According to these latest indications, will Italians be able to manage the holidays and appointments for vaccination?

On Vacation With a Double Dose: Would That Be Possible?

If the experts’ warning is clear, it is not yet certain whether it is really possible in Italy to guarantee the majority of departures with second dose.

A series of obstacles loom: first and foremost there is the danger of under-dose Pfizer For July, with some areas already sounding the alarm.

Additionally, CTS recommendations on AstraZeeneca and j6J for over 60 years have limited access to injections for everyone.

Hence the chaos of vaccines at vacation resorts. Lazio announced that from July 15, it may leave with mobile hubs on beaches to manage J&J.

In the meantime, however, the anxiety of the delta variable grows, precisely at the moment of greatest relaxation: Holidays will be safe?


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