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(ANSA) – BEIJING, March 3 – Taiwan will not follow the same fate as Ukraine: Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, during his meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen in Taipei, said, “If any of us are wrong or willing to take a risk, I think we should. We must now look at what is happening in Europe to see the need for deep and coordinated leadership on the part of those who love freedom.”

Pompeo, on a four-day visit to the island, received Itsai the Order of the Brilliant Star along with the Grand Cordon, one of the island’s highest honors, for his contribution to strengthening bilateral relations, prompting a harsh reaction from Beijing.

The People’s Daily, the voice of the Chinese Communist Party, described Pompeo today as a “notorious anti-China politician”, proud of lying and deceiving others “when in office.” The newspaper added of his trip that “collusion with outside forces cannot bring security or prosperity to the Taiwanese people.” China sanctioned the former US diplomatic chief along with 27 other officials from the Donald Trump administration at the end of his post in January 2021 for his repeated criticism and policies against the country and the Chinese Communist Party, and for assistance to Taiwan which it considers “non-alliable.” strength, if necessary.

At the meeting held at the presidential residence, according to local media, Tsai thanked Pompeo for the long-term support, and said, “The visit of a good friend testifies to the strong friendship between Taiwan and the United States.”

The former CIA chief, who wore a mask bearing the US and Taiwan flags, said he was proud of his successes in efforts to normalize relations with Taiwan, including sending US officials to visit. (handle).

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