Belgium will face Russia in the semi-finals of the European Women’s Basketball Championship on Wednesday (8:45 pm) at the Renes Stadium in Strasbourg. The Russians dominated Slovenia in a 93-75 (half time: 49-29) play-off match on Monday night.


In the group stage on Sunday, the Belgians took first place in Group C against Turkey (63-61) and secured a direct place in the quarterfinals. Russia finished second in Group D, beating the Czech Republic (73-69) and then Croatia (73-62). For Sunday’s group first place, Alexander Kovalev’s Russians lost to France (85-59), but also lost one of their rounds, Ekaterina Fedorenkova, whose knee ligaments were dislocated. Against the Slovenes, Russia can still count on all three of them: Maria Vadeva (15 points), Emma Miseman’s teammate in Ekaterinburg, Raisa Mucina (19 points, 14 rebounds) or Elizaveta Komorova in particular (20 points). After ten years in the Euro finals, the Belgian cats won a bronze medal at the Euros in Prague in 2017 for their immediate return to the European scene, confirming their qualification for the World Cup, the first for a Belgian team. In Tenerife, in 2018, they finished 4th after losing to Spain in the bronze medal match. At Euro 2019, the Belgians finished 5th in qualifying for the Olympics. In Austen, Belgium won the sesame for the Tokyo Olympics, where the basketball tournament will take place from July 26 to August 8. During these last two euros, Belgium met and beat Russia in the group stage. On Thursday, whatever happens, the Belgian cats will travel to Valencia, where they will play in the semifinals or play in a classification match for 5 to 8 places in which the winner will receive a ticket to the qualifying tournament for the 2022 World Cup in Australia (September 22 to October 1 in Sydney). Belgium has already shown interest in hosting one of these tournaments. Slovenia to host Euro 2023 with Israel (Belka)

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