Alexis Vega, además de PSV lo buscan en España

The Mexican striker, Alexis Vega, as well as PSV Eindhoven are looking for him in Spain. It seems that the fate of the Chivas striker in European football

Mexican striker Alexis Vega, as well as Eindhoven, are looking for him in Spain; What is the fate of the current football player? Chivas de Guadalajara may be in European footballEspecially if he doesn’t end up renewing his contract with the Rojiblanco team.

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According to information from ESPN, Alexis Vega is under the supervision of a Spanish and Dutch team, who closely follow their performance; But above all they have in their sights to CONCACAF tie with The Mexican team will be scouts in the match against the United States.

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The source claims that Two European teams are tracking Chivas strikerAlthough they did not reveal their names, one of them is known to be PSV Eindhoven, who actually sent broadcasters to see the footballer.

Destination in Europe for Vega

this way to Alexis Vega already knows they are looking for him in Spain; Although they have not made an official bid for the team from Guadalajara or the footballer. The performance you can get The United States, Honduras, and El Salvador It will be crucial to your aspirations to travel to the ancient continent.

As for the speculation swirling around which La Liga team he is looking forward to; It is said about Seville, Real Betis and Real Sociedad As potential candidates and interested in taking over the Mexican striker.

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Remember that Vega has been a topic for the past few months because He has not signed his renewal contract with Chivas, which will expire in December 2022.

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