Putin and the blonde woman who always appears in official photos, who is she and what do we know

The same woman appears to appear at important ceremonies where she is present put it in. Which is? The beloved? an actress? Speculation multiplied on social media after a reporter discovered what appeared to be the same person playing different roles in photos with the Russian president.

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Who is Putin and the woman who always appears in official photos

It was weird highlighted It was first tweeted by London-based Belarusian journalist Tadeusz Gekzan. In his post, Gekzan shared three photos of Putin standing among various crowds, including a group of soldiers and sailors on a boat and worshipers attending some kind of church service.

In each photo, the same blonde woman appears present, often in close-up, giving the impression that she was used by Russian officials to fill in the miscellaneous. “Soldier, sailor, devout Christian. God is mysteriously moving,” Gekzan tweeted in a dry, sarcastic tone. CNN reporter Clarissa Ward responded to Jekizan’s tweets, raising questions about the woman’s identity and exact role. The reporter asked if she was just an actress used to fill in the photos or if she had some other reason to be close to Putin in various situations. He also referred to other characters who appeared in at least two images, but who do not stand out like a woman.

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Denial of the Russian news

Russian media have published several articles suggesting that the blonde woman, who is constantly photographed with Putin, is actually not the same: by publishing various photos and interviews.


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