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Eminem has the same effect as any heavy metal band, At least that’s what the man who runs the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame says.

Greg Harris, CEO of the prestigious venue, said this week in an interview with Audacy, where he discussed several of the members who dedicated themselves to this year’s gala, including of course Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie, Carly Simon and Slim Shady, among others.

It was mentioned by Harris Eminem will be the tenth hip-hop artist to be inducted into the hall, The first was Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five in 2007, adding that Slim has been an integral part of the hall for a while and an essential part of the music for the past few decades.

“In fact, Em has helped celebrate the work of hip-hop on the big stage and he certainly deserves himself, even in his first year of eligibility.”

Here’s the problem, at least in some people’s minds: Harris appears to be underestimating the metal’s influence and importance.

Does Eminem deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

“Eminem’s music really matches the energy of a traditional metal song/acting, but what some fanatics hear in his comments is a lack of respect for the genre.”

Some argue that this is further illustrated by the fact that Judas the Reverend now only gets their flowers even though they’ve been eligible for induction for over 20 years.

Leader Rob Halford recently shouted about the importance of Judas Priest Benalbeit belatedly, and what that means for metal bands everywhere or even the legendary rock business in general, many of whom have also been recruited after years of not being cast or being recognized at all, like Motorhead or Iron Maiden.

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In the meantime, it seems, to some at least, that Hall’s voters are eager to recruit certain artists on the spot, making it look more like a popularity contest than anything else.



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