Escalation in the movie

Red alert on “Celebrity Big Brother”!

A week before the grand finale, no one in the TV prison is green anymore. An ancient story that turned a roaring pool party into a battlefield.

in the middle: The player’s wife, Ina Ojo (32 years old), who burst into tears during the break. Game show legend Jörg Dräger, 75, had already lost his temper, and RTL super distributor Paco Steinbach, 46, had been declared persona non grata.

A feud erupted between the two over a simple assignment in the luxury sector. Residents were asked to rate which of the others had the greatest job prospects after Celebrity Big Brother. When the gentlemen disagreed, it began.

“Don’t be so aggressive all the time,” Drager said at Steinbach’s direction. “You already have body language again…” his counterpart retorted: “Stop me with your body language. You acted normally.”

Baku has already clashed with quiz show legend Drager several timesPhoto: SAT.1

The battle of words shook until the large container collar blew. In the consulting room, he unleashed the vitality: “There is no discussion for Baku. For Baku, there is only command and obedience.”

After Steinbach said goodbye to “Big Planet” in the direction of “Space Station” without saying goodbye to Draeger, Draeger finally lost his composure and announced the insult: “Now he died for me!”

And the pool party for all residents only created a better atmosphere for a short while. Ina Ugo felt out of place: “I went up there and suddenly noticed the energies of people. They look at the ground and do not look at my face.”

Kicker’s wife suspected that others would not allow her to remain on the show despite four nominations.

To make matters worse, the old stories were also reworked. Draeger accused Inna of offering Danny Buchner (43) a place to sleep, thus disqualifying former candidate Ravi Rashik (31). This was all a long time ago, but it’s still a big topic.

“That was nonsense!” Paco said. Soap star Danny Liedtke (31, “Cologne 50667”) wanted to get engaged again, surprised Inna: “It hasn’t been clarified yet!”

When Danny Buchner hit her on the back and said she’d give everyone a place to sleep, all the dams broke in the player’s wife. Tears streamed into the counseling room.

Ugo cried bitterly: “If I go out here, I’ll put my husband and children behind me. They love me for who I am without needing to come up with any conspiracies to get me out of the way.”

Ina Ugo let her tears flow freely in the consulting room

Ina Ugo let her tears flow freely in the consulting roomPhoto: SAT.1

Container Macho Baku managed to laugh again at the live show. The woman of his dreams, former Celebrity Big Brother winner Janine Pink (34), was waiting for him on a dinner date. Both met through Ballermann star Jürgen Milski (57) and met once before Paco moved on.

When they met again in Prison TV, the trash bully had become somewhat tamed, and could barely take a bite of his excitement. However, Janine left it open as to whether there will be a happy ending for the lovebirds after the final.

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