Bernard de la Villardiere: Why was TPMP columnist Gilles Verdes condemned?

In an interview with Le Monde, Bernard de Villardiere asserted that he convicted Gilles Verdes because the TPMP columnist accused him of being anti-Islam.

Since 2005, Bernard de Villardiere is on headExclusive inquiry On the M6, A program that discusses topical issues. Regularly, his performances are often discussed or even criticized on set Do not touch my TV, On the C8. In an interview with the newspaper the world, An M6 host recently announced that he had just denounced Jill Verdes Yet dated Don’t touch my TV He allegedly accused him of being anti-Islam. Here, I give you the scoop: She has just convicted Jill Verdes of defamation. He described me with Islamophobia in compassion.He revealed, believing the historian took every opportunity to “To push himself.” Exclusive inquiry“. “He accuses me of not doing my job as a journalist.”And the He insisted not to “Not to be hostile to Islam at all.” ” exactly the contrary, I think I am one of the rare journalists who went with the victims of civil wars and Muslim smuggling. “The journalist argued.

Until then, this issue had not been disclosed by the main parties involved. Bernard de la Villardiere He never wanted to respond to the repeated attacks from Jill Verdes That doesn’t show itself but is tender toward an M6 host. “A columnist whose only talent is insult, and the controversial work has already made in the past inappropriate statements regarding Bernard de la Villardiere.”, Significantly in 2019 the series in a press release called Gilles Verdes To stop this real “smear campaign”.

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“I will keep talking”

This story gave an affectionate new idea to Cyril. On set TPMP On C8 you may coordinate after that Mock trial to judge the columnist’s guilt in this case. The rant specialist was clearly impressed, then explained the reasons for his frequent criticisms. “I took RER to work, and I saw someone came to sit next to me at RER D and said, ‘I’d like to thank you. Thank you for being fed up. I am a Muslim, I work, I am integrated into French society. Show After Show, Sunday After Sunday, we are blamed, and they trampled on us. It is very difficult for us while you are defending these positions. “, He said.

And to add, on the verge of crying: “They want to silence me because these are things that are dear to me. Frankly, I have the impression that sometimes they want to silence me. As long as you give me the word, I will keep talking. I will not be silent about the man I saw at the RER today. ”


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