Crowd at mall, customers stuck for four hours in parking lot after shopping: 'crazy'

banned for four hours in the parking lot Shopping Center. After shopping in Manchester Arndale (UK), more than 400 shoppers had to deal with the rush after the Christmas markets and the Rugby World Cup Final. Traffic in central Manchester had died down, so many people were unable to get home, that they called the police for explanations.

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what happened

An eyewitness told Manchester Evening what happened in the mall. “I ended up calling the police and asking if there was a problem. There were over 400 people trying to get out. People started abandoning cars queuing to get food.”

Another witness said he was stuck for “3 hours and 45 minutes”. What was supposed to be a clear afternoon turned into a nightmare: “It took us an hour to get one level down,” said another customer. After several hours, the situation is back under control, but there are those who swear that this will be the last time: “I don’t think they will ever see me again.”

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