Italian dependence on Russian gas is still declining: Moscow has become the fifth supplier.  Draghi:

Italy continues its operation to reduce its power Reliance on Russian gas. And during the prime ministership, Mario Draghiflew in Algeria To conclude a new agreement to increase supplies from the North African country, which has become Rome’s first partner for fossil fuel supplies, hump News arrives that Russia is losing another position and its ranking in Fifth place Among the gas suppliers to Italy.

According to the company’s estimates, of the 228.54 million cubic meters imported today, 68.55 cubic meters come from Algeria and 48.94 from Northern Europe32.84 ofAzerbaijan and 27.06 million of Kavarziri gas-to-gas plant (Rovigo). Only then do we find 25.55 million still saving it He flies. A number that shows how the government is trying to hide from what is possible supply blocking by the union, also given the sharp decline recorded in recent months. Added to this situation they specify from Livorno gas-to-gas regasification plant 14.09 million cubic meters expected and from Panigaglia (La Spezia) 9.29 million plus 8.98 million national production and 6.23 million cubic meters envisaged by Libya.

Also in the function of this strategy that led the country to be It is the problem that has reduced more than anything in Europe its dependence on Russian gasReducing the rates from 40% to 25%, Draghi met with the Algerian president, Abdel Majid Tabounbringing home a new deal More info 4 billion cubic meters. “In recent days, the Algerian company Sonatrach About the upcoming release of 4 billion cubic meters of gas to Italy, as part of the agreement signed with it where are you In April – the Prime Minister said – this summit assured us Distinguished Partnership in the energy sector. In recent months, Algeria has become the main supplier of gas to our country. “Agreement, this, which will bring more to the coffers of Algiers. 4 billion dollarsas explained by the Algerian President who, moreover, announced that he had proposed to Italy to become a supplier to Europe in relation tosolar energy And the electrical.

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Meanwhile, the European Union is trying to reduce gas consumption as much as possible in order to stockpile as much fuel as possible in view of the winter and the possible interruption of supplies to Moscow. L ‘International Energy Agency considers it “essential” that Europe immediately adopt “coordinated measures” to prevent “the continuation of gas crisis“In the ‘bit cold’ winter, in the event that Russian supplies are interrupted. Over the next three months, the AIE calculates, 12 billion “extra” must be provided One cubic meter of gas will be allocated to storage, indicating the adoption of “five immediate measures”, including controls on household consumption. Without implementing “this kind of measure” now, Europe could face “more dramatic cuts and quotas later”.

but also from Brussels Work continues to make the most of alternative sources of supply. One of these is undoubtedly Azerbaijan. In this regard, officials announced that the signing of the agreement Memorandum of Understanding between the European Union and Baku To double gas flows to Europe will lead to “additional work” to be done with community investments in some sections of the Southern Corridor and in particular “on Faucet which unites Greece with Italy.” Currently, the union imports 6 billion cubic meters of gas from the country.

Russia is well aware of European strategy, looking instead to the east and working to increase supplies to China: “On July 17, a new record was set for the daily volume of Russian gas supplies to China through the pipeline Siberian power‘, he knew Gazprom. The company previously reported that supplies to China grew by 63.4% in the first half of 2022. The head of Gazprom, Alexey Miller, he said the eastern route gas dispatch program has been accelerated and will continue to grow. The agreement between Russia and China currently provides for the supply 38 billion cubic meters the year.

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