Manchester United still held home against Everton

Manchester United still stands at Old Trafford. The Red Devils had to share points against a strong and talented Everton team (1-1).

Since Ronaldo was on the bench from the start, Solczre’s men were still able to take the match on their own, especially thanks to the encouragement of Bruno Fernandez.

The Portuguese provided excellent assistance to Marshall’s opener before the break (43 ‘).

To the left of the area, the French international adjusted the pickboard at full axis power and welded the Old Trafford.

Despite that, Tophis got a good score and was dangerous throughout the meeting.

The school block was awarded in the second half for their efforts.

When Fernandez was kicked by a rear guard in the corner, Gray moved Fred to the shoulder and beat to the left.

Lucid, he was able to serve Dcore in the axis. The former Renegade player had already seen Downsent on the other end, finishing a cross that De Gea (65 ‘) could not reach.

Toffees could have won even three points if Jerry Mina’s goal had not been signaled off VAR (85 ‘) offside.

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