“He was selling access to Putin for money” - Libero Quotidiano

A series of scandals only embarrasses Queen Elizabeth and the royal family. The last in chronological order and possibly also in importance relates to Elizabeth II’s cousin, the Prince Michael in Kent, That I caught at work weather Defines “dangerous”. The nobles were secretly registered to show a willingness to use their status as a member of the British royal family in exchange Personal profit, Fifty thousand pounds, and Michael’s arrival to the Russian president was highlighted in the negotiations Russian President Vladimir Putin. The scoop has since been re-launched Sunday times And from Channel 4 who even posted videos incriminating him.

To frame reality was a video taken secretly during a video meeting on Zoom, with those posing as entrepreneurs but in reality being nothing more than undercover journalists. The Queen’s cousin called from his apartment in Kensington Palace and in the movie, we also see his friend, the Marquis of Reading, sitting next to him on the sofa, while he gets to know him. ”Her Majesty’s unofficial ambassador to Russia“.

On that occasion, the journalists pretended to be the directors of a South Korean company, House of Haedong, which was seeking contacts with the Prince to increase its business network in the gold sector; The Prince assures them that he is “really excited” to be able to work with the company and promote it in Russia. Allegations by Michael Kent We wanted to cancel the tag. “As is practice – he reads the defense memo – Prince Michael’s private secretary made it clear to company representatives during their contacts that nothing could be done without the approval of the British Embassy and the help of the Chamber of Commerce. Rousseau is British, including Prince Michael.” He has mastery“.

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