Aboard the International Space Station, 4 dots were loaded into an airtight box for their observation. Meanwhile, on Earth, between October 11-17, 4,500 classrooms in France will be able to do the same with their blobs.

But do you know what the point is? While waiting for their feedback on the experiment next week, Thomas Pesquet makes us discover the famous point thanks to the various questions for class CM1-CM2 at St Eucaire’s in Metz.

Abdul, 9 years old, Thomas Pesquet asks the first question: “I just wanted to know before this space mission, did you already know the point and how would you describe it to someone who doesn’t know it?“.

The first time the astronaut heard about it was in a horror movie. “JI thought it was a little creature savagery”Now he knows exactly what the point is and so he describes it: “It is an organism that is neither an animal nor a plant, but is nonetheless alive, and has no brain, but is nonetheless capable of learning simple tasks, such as getting out of a maze or finding its food. creature can Learn a lot from Things”.

“It’s a bit like an alga, a mushroom, something like that, but it’s not of the same nature at all. And then, you see, now it even goes into space!”

Thomas Bisket

to franceinfo

Asked by 9-and-a-half-year-old Cassie, who asked him if the astronaut had experimented on Earth for the first time with the point and even awakening her, he replied: “I trained, not too much, but enough to be able to take care of her on the plane.”

Amina, for her part, would like to know if the dot will float in space. “Yes, it will float and continue to float in its box, but inside its box…everything is weightless. Develop, how will he be able to adapt to this new environment. We will see what happens to him, and what happens in an organism to adapt to gravity. That’s what’s exciting. Interesting, so, yes, it will float and we will watch it!”.

Four different points make the journey in airtight boxes. We learn it thanks to questions howl, 10 years and Clayton. for MyriamShe is curious to know the names Thomas Pesquet gave to the dots who made the spaceflight with him. And you just have to listen to this column to discover them!

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On this page you can listen to this new episode of space emissionAstronaut Thomas Bisquet answers children’s questions about life on the International Space Station. An event not to be missed every Saturday on Franceinfo Radio, and it can be found in the podcast.


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