The Pixel 6 uses a tensioner, so what about Qualcomm?


after a while google Chip (SoC) announced that it was using the system on the tensioner. Pixel 6 Y 6 Pro, stock Qualcomm immediately fell.

This is normal, because so far the Pixel phone line has always used the Snapdragon SoC, and most of the Nexus line, the predecessor to the Pixel, also uses Qualcomm’s SoCs.

But Qualcomm immediately talked about using a tensor. They continue to work with Google for current and future products.

“Qualcomm will continue to work with Google on current and future products based on the Snapdragon platform,” Qualcomm said in a statement.

Also, not all phones made by Google use the Tensor SoC. Google is said to be releasing the Pixel 5N in the near future, and if the “A” series is considered a mid-range phone, it’s unlikely to use the phone’s bumper.

The Pixel 5A uses the Snapdragon 7 series, which is aimed at mid-range devices. This may be what Qualcomm means when you work with Google.

Google tensor images: Doc. Google

Looking at the CEO of Google, the presence of Qualcomm’s Tensor SoC is no longer a surprise Sundar Pichai It took them four years to develop the tensioner.

“Artificial intelligence is the future of our innovation, but the problem is that we are stuck in computing boundaries that prevent us from fully carrying out our mission. Therefore, we have decided to build a technology platform on mobile devices that will allow us to bring the most innovative Pixel users into the capabilities of AI and machine learning.”

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