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Roomba announces the arrival of new features in vacuum cleaners with voice commands, thanks to Alexa.

New technologies are widely used in our daily life. While voice assistants have found their place on our smartphones or connected speakers, they are now investing in our home devices. Such is the case in Roomba, which in 2017 fitted its vacuum cleaners with voice control thanks to Alexa. 4 years later, Amazon is adding a few strings to its robotic vacuum cleaner bracket.

smart home

Currently, if you have a Roomba’s voice-activated vacuum, you can tell it when to start a big cleaning and when to stop it, all with a simple touch. “Dis, Alexa”. Roomba now goes even further and promises to revolutionize your daily life, or at least make your work that much easier.

Thanks to a new skill developed by Roomba, it is now possible to ask your robot to do a quick clean around for example a piece of furniture. If you spill breadcrumbs during a meal, just ask Roomba for it “Cleaning around the table”. Fairly practical when the area to be cleaned is small. For this, it will simply be necessary that your device is connected to a WiFi network.

One more device at the same time

In response to a question from Engadget, Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot, explained that it would also be possible to power two devices one after the other. For example, you can say “Alexa, tell Roomba to clean my living room every Sunday at 4 am and then turn on Bravaa”. It also specifies that Alexa will be able to use speakers connected to the home to warn home occupants that it is entering the service.

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The tool will also be able to know when the house is empty and thus choose the right moment to start cleaning one or more rooms. The system will use Alexa’s AI-based intuition to get you started. The brand even plans to develop a feature “Do not interrupt” This prevents the void from starting at certain times of the day. With the democratization of remote work, this can avoid some disappointments for Roomba users, especially during phone calls or video conferencing.

perfect companions

In addition to simple household help, Roomba’s ambition is to turn his tiny robots into full-fledged companions we can talk to “In a natural and sophisticated way”. In this way he hopes to make his devices smarter and therefore essential.

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