Nintendo Switch 2 apparently leaked

The Nintendo Switch 2 – or at least the successor to the standard Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED – may have just leaked. By the leak, we mean that something has surfaced indicating the presence of not just a new Nintendo console, but specifically a successor to the Switch. What hasn’t been leaked is the console’s name, how it looks, when it’ll be released, how much it’ll cost, or anything notable you want to know. However, it looks like we finally have evidence to shed light on the rumors that a Switch successor is in the works and probably not too far from its release.

New speculation comes from the NVIDIA DLSS source code, which mentions “NVN2”. Why is this appropriate? Well, because “NVN” is used to refer to the Nintendo Switch. The “2” position after that denotes a different new product, more specifically, the successor to the Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, that’s all that can be derived from the files. Some seem to think this indicates that the release date is only a few years away from the max, which is reasonable to speculate on, but it’s just speculation.

For now, take it all here — the speculation, the leak that created the speculation — with caution. Although there is little room for controversy regarding the claims and conclusions drawn from this leak, it does not change the fact that everything here is unofficial and subject to change. As you’d expect, Nintendo hasn’t commented on any of this in any capacity. If this changes, we’ll update the story accordingly, but don’t expect Nintendo to budge on its policy of being silent about this leak and accompanying speculation.

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