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We finally know what video games PlayStation Plus will make available in August 2021 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

I’ve wanted to play a tennis “video game” for months, and this month I’m finally going to be able to play one. What do I have in a Virtua Tennis Dreamcast? Well, yes, but I want to try something new. That’s why August thanks PlayStation Plus video games I’ll be able to play Tennis World Tour 2 hard on PlayStation 4.

Another video game receiving PS4 is Plants vs. Game zombies: Battle of Neighborville. While this month the new PlayStation 5 will receive a strange video game called Fisherman’s Square: Captions. This Battle Royale-style video game was released on the same day that all three video games arrive on PlayStation Plus. These games will be available on August 3.

In case you’re interested, I’ll leave you a trailer for each of the video games we’ll be featuring this month. You still have a week to download the July games, with A Plague Tale on PlayStation 5 being the most popular game of all time.

For all this, if you only have a PlayStation 4, remember that you can add PlayStation 5 games to the library. How do ? Well, download the PlayStation app on your mobile device. From there we can add any game to our library. Once we have a PlayStation 5 and if we keep paying for PlayStation Plus, we’ll have the games.

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