during the Tesla AI DayElon Musk, CEO and founder of the company, showed that the first humanoid robot, in the words of the entrepreneur, is a robot created by humans for the sake of humans.

This robot incorporates the same artificial intelligence that the manufacturer uses in its semi-autonomous vehicles, even, Musk joked with users assuring that they would be able to ask a Tesla robot to go to the store to buy food.

One of Tesla’s goals is to use this bot for automation and humans to replace unsafe, repetitive or boring tasks.

“I think basically in the future, physical work is going to be an option, if you want to do you can do it,” Musk revealed at the launch event.

Musk mocked his robot by pointing out that humans would be able to escape from it, as well as being easy to control. This is because on other occasions Pole has stated that artificial intelligence is one of the greatest dangers facing humanity as a society, and that it is necessary and urgent to regulate this technology.

Despite the fact that the design may look a bit gloomy, and the robot’s face is a screen with cameras for autopilot (those for vehicles), it was made clear that it would be a friendly robot in presentation.

The robot will arrive sometime next year.

The company is looking for engineers who would like to work on the Tesla bot project. Interested parties can Submit your CV from this link.


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