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The eighth decade of existence and the seventh generation of the Multivan, so far a converted version of the Transporter truck but now based on a common platform for several “VPs” of the brand, such as the Golf for example. The Combi heir, this truck that has been appreciated by families and passenger carriers, adopts a more technical interior, similar to the aforementioned compact sedan.

Longer, wider and lower, it opts for the horizontal lights in the rear, like the “T3” for its time but in a more assertive way. It could also, for the first time, add a hatch on its right front wing, a sign of electrification with the plug-in hybrid variant. The engine is the same as that found in the Golf or Passat “eHybrid”, with a cumulative 218 hp. Otherwise, two petrol blocks, malussés, would be on their own before the 150-horsepower 2.0 TDI diesel arrived, a little later, while diesels were the only kind of mechanics offered in the current Multivan. So we tried it in Germany, near Frankfurt. And here are our pictures in the slide show.

to summarize

The direction of Germany and the Frankfurt region more precisely to test the new Volkswagen Multivan. A seventh generation, we invite you to discover it from all angles through our photos.

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