Current Superstars Want These New Season 3 Additions

The first season of the comedy show “LOL: Last One Laughing” reached an audience of millions, and is now on its next round. We met some stars who were once again allowed to do anything in front of the camera except laugh.

LOL Poster: Last One Laughing Staffel 2

Once again, Karim of the German comedy scene was locked in a room for six hours on the condition that laughter was not allowed. Season 1 of “LOL: Last One Laughing” has proven just how difficult it can be, and now it’s taking it a step further. Who will make it this time and leave the field victorious in the end?

You can find the answer as of Friday, October 1, 2021 on Amazon Prime. Not a prime member yet? Try subscribing now for 30 days for free and stream countless series and movies plus ‘LOL’.

As it is now clear, the third season of “LOL: Last One Laughing” has already been confirmed. In our conversation with Anke Engelke and Bastian Pastewka and Co. We didn’t assume anything else, so we asked them who they’d like to see as a new addition. You can find the answers in the video.

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Jan Böhmermann is sure to be an exciting choice. As a factor of chaos, he could still bring his companion and boat owner Olly Schulz with him, who, by his very nature, would also be available for one laugh or another unauthorized one. So let’s keep in touch to see who we can actually look forward to in the next round.

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“LOL: Last One Laughing”: Flachwitz’s Challenge with Season 2 stars

In addition to our question time, the stars of “LOL: Last One Laughing” had a job to deal with. We challenged them to the Flachwitz Challenge. Of course, we shouldn’t be laughing at us either. Who can hold out for the best? This is our video:

The joke with Morgan Freeman is of course a classic and might upset some people later on in “LOL.” Of course, you can also use a razor.

If you are now suffering from comedic fever, the following test should cause you some problems:

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