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In 1997, Guy-Manuel de Homem Cristo and Thomas Bangalter, two young French men, played in a nightclub in Los Angeles, as part of the release of the album Homework. 25 years later, Daft Punk showed the video of this presentation on Twitch, Where they did not use their legendary helmets.

The Twitch stream has ended and while it was initially only going to be broadcast once, the band posted a few seconds of opening on his YouTube account this Tuesday. Are they going to play it full after that? This is the first video uploaded in four months.

Despite this, the members of the band, which separated in 2021, announced that the album would be re-released on vinyl, as part of their 25th anniversary celebration. It will also be available on different platforms.

Homework 25th Anniversary Vinyl It can be found on Amazon For $30, according to Pitchfork. It features tracks such as Daftendirekt, Da Funk, Around the World and High Fidelity, a total of 16 on the original album.

He also has a second album, Homework Remixes, with 15 releases of highly successful songs jointly played with artists such as I: Cube, Roger Sánchez, Junior Sánchez, Mellow and Motorbass Vice.

Daft Punk’s evolution until their breakup in 2021

Despite the separation last year, Daft Punk is still more than present in the hearts of his fans. Interpreters of harder, better, faster, stronger movies around the world, with this video showing, moved by more than one.

A 1997 show saw Homem-Christo and Bangalter play at The Mayan, a Los Angeles nightclub, They focused on Homework, their first studio album.

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Later to come Discovery (2001), Human After All (2005) and Random Access Memories (2013). Alive 1997 (2001) and Alive 2007 (2007) were featured live. Daft Club (2003), Human After All: Remixes (2006), and Tron: Legacy Reconfigured (2011) have also been reincorporated.

The duo won seven Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year for Random Access Memories in 2014 and Best Record of the Year for Get Lucky with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.

In addition, he got Twice at the Billboard Music Awards and twice at the World Music Awards.


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