Lily Baker: Dating apps, a perfect date, demands on a man: an exclusive love interview!

Lily Baker (45 years old) is radiantly beautiful and in perfect shape. The ex-wife of tennis star Boris Becker (53) proves this by participating in the “RTL Summer Games” on July 16-17. She measures herself with stars like model Alessandra Mayer-Folden (38), singer LaFee (30) and professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova (34) in several disciplines. The “man” first has to be able to keep up!

In March, Lily Baker revealed that she had tried several dating apps during the lockdown. The model spoke in an exclusive interview with whether she’s still going today. Lily Baker also told us what her demands are on the man of her dreams. The proud mother of her son Amadeus (11) has accurate thoughts. If you still need inspiration for a first date, you should call Lilly – only sparks can sparkle on her perfect date!

Lily Baker knows what she wants. You can watch the love interview in the video above.

Lily Baker: Sexy Lingerie Selfie Mirror

Lily Baker usually exercises “four or five times a week”. She loves to spin to keep fit. The sight of your dream figure motivates you to visit the gym again. On Instagram, the beautiful model delights his 130 thousand subscribers with sexy shots that are already heating up.

You can see Lily Baker’s cute mirror selfie in the video below.

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