They beat Ari Borovoy for revealing his intentions to be a deputy: 'He stole from OV7'
Tunden Ari Borovoy for wanting to be a deputy

Ari Borovoy He was again in the middle of the eye of the typhoon, after last Tuesday revealed his intentions to compete for Candidacy for the position of deputy in 2022.

Although the manager Bobo Productions He mentioned that this was one of his dreams and said that he was at an important stage in his career, Netizens were not too happy with this announcement And they didn’t take long to remember that the celebrity had been involved in so many controversies before for him Allegedly cheating OV7 teammates And don’t pay them on time.

It was Twitter As users quickly put the problem on the table and remember that for several years it was said to be the famous one She was not transparent in her work.

‘Bad’ tongues say Ari Borovoy hHe came out of the landfill with several singers (including his fellow OV7) for Transa. Therefore, he wants to run for the position of deputy! How low is Mexico! We have to demand good actors, not dealers who just want to get rich.” “Just remember this guy stole millions from other OV7s. to weyes whom he considers his “brothers”. To those he has known since he was 10 years old and they are a very important part of his life,” these are some of the signs that have filled this social network.

The celebrity has been implicated in many controversies (Photo: Instagramariborovoy)

It should be remembered that Ari and his brother Jack founded Bobo Productions, in which they have devoted themselves to managing the careers of various artists; However, in 2019 rumors started circulating that he did not pay OV7 members.

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The controversy grew and Julissa said windows At that time, he learned firsthand the details of this conflict. Oscar Schwebel told him that it all started due to lack of payments.

“When there are problems, I tell him: ‘There is gossip, what’s going on? So he writes to me and says to me: ‘Well, they didn’t want to pay us, but everything was settled’,” the producer’s sister, Luis de Lanno, reported.

Already for 2020, TVNotas It was revealed that Borovoy allegedly He had debts with the Ministry of Finance And that they seem to be behind the salaries of the other singers he worked with.

In 2021, Ari Borovoi broke the silence on the accusations and indicated during an interview he gave Globalism That this was not true.

Borovoy denied workers' debts (Image: Instagram)
Borovoy denied workers’ debts (Image: Instagram)

“Many media outlets have interviewed artists we manage who are no longer with us, and They could not mention one who owed him a penny, Bobo is a company that has produced a lot of work, and there’s a huge economic impact on every production we do, so if that’s the case, it wouldn’t do so well with Lupita (D’Alessio), for example, but if he said at the time, “You want to continue Follow it, or else it’s time for you to ask the same.”

Returning to the OV7 singer’s current intentions to get into the field of Mexican politics, netizens took the opportunity to laugh a little at the situation and others were also upset that entertainment stars have come to take up public office in recent years.

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Carmelita Salinas, Sergio Mayer, Laura Zapata, Federica de Cabah (God knows her last name), a long and painful list of etc. From # useless people who didn’t do a single thing. Why you might be different from ARIBOROVOY? Did you study already? How did you prepare? Top 3 ideas? “

Ari Borovoy wants to be a deputy (ig: ariborovoy)
Ari Borovoy wants to be a deputy (ig: ariborovoy)

Via video message, OV7 singer and director Bobo Producciones about it You will seek to gain the opportunity of popular representation He encouraged his followers to use hashtag #AriDiputado.

“Since I can remember, my parents taught me to pursue my dreams and goals, but above all they taught me that nothing is impossible in this life. Today is one of the most important days of my careersinger said I love you so much in that section Hanging on Twitter.

I will run for deputy this year, in my life and in my career I have represented many talentsBut today I want to represent you as a citizen, I hope to count on you: every one LikeEvery comment, positive or negative, every message you share will be another step in cementing our goal together,” said the singer and entrepreneur, who announced to his followers what would be his political slogan as part of his pre-campaign campaign. “Ari Borovoy, I go with you.”

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