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New songs “Next Friday”
Is ABBA about to return?

It is known that there must be new songs from ABBA. Only when he’s at the end so far has he been so far away in the stars. Now, however, the return of the legendary band after 39 years should already be imminent.

Swedish worship band ABBA should be celebrating their comeback soon. The British newspaper “The Sun” reported that “new music” is scheduled to be published next Friday. It was not clear from the report whether this actually means tomorrow, Friday, or the end of next week.

However, one thing is certain: It will be the first new music by Bjorn Olpheus, Benny Anderson, Agentha Waltzkog and Annie Fred Lingstad in nearly four decades. “ABBA is finally making their comeback and planning to release their first new music in 39 years next Friday – and that’s a huge success,” an unnamed insider was quoted by The Sun as saying.

Last May, Ulvaeus confirmed in an interview with “The Herold Sun” and “The New York Times” that the band will release new music this year. “This year there will be new music. It was decided,” he said in an interview.

ABBA Voyage is also coming.

According to “The Sun”, the Swedish song makers are also preparing to launch a show called “ABBA Voyage”. At the show, the band’s songs will be presented with holograms called “ABBAtars”.

ABBA Voyage also includes a new documentary that is supposed to highlight the band’s comeback – from music to theater building in London, where the hologram will be shown from May 2022. “The premiere will be Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Annie Fried,” the informant confirms.

After the incredibly successful 1970s, ABBA took a break from the band, which in principle has continued to this day. Before that, in 1980 the couple Fältskog and Ulvaeus broke up. A year later, Lingstad and Anderson broke up, and they are also married.

In April 2018, the band announced that they would like to release at least two new songs. However, the actual date at the end of 2018 has been repeatedly pushed back to today.

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