CM - Ariana Grande Concert in Fortnite: The event will be very profitable for the artist

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If Fortnite is really Epic Games’ goose that lays the golden eggs, it might as well be the new El Dorado for artists. While Travis Scott gave an exclusive concert in the world of Fortnite in 2020, this time Ariana Grande will be in the spotlight this weekend as she follows the Rift tour of play.

In the columns for Forbes, in an article discussing the income such an event could generate for the artist and why many other concerts are likely to see the light of day.

Journalist Paul Tassi begins with the fact that if one can think of the epic artists being pursued, the opposite is probably closest to reality. In fact, he specifies, according to his sources, that Travis Scott’s Fortnite party alone fetched the artist $20 million in “dirty goods”. This includes T-shirts and other goodies, although it is not known if items sold with his in-game image count.

This compares to the record $1.7 million he earned in one night for his personal Astroworld tour, and just under 40% of the $53.5 million he earned on that tour.

So it looks like one concert in Fortnite made a lot more money than his record-breaking Astroworld tour. In the case of Ariana Grande, it is easy to assume that this number will be exceeded, because the artist is more popular with a larger fan base.

Paul Tassi’s article also highlights the profitability of the Fortnite party. to a traditional job in terms of labor and resources. While the real show lasts between 2 and 3 hours, it offers a few minutes of performance and Epic Games does most of the work.

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Astroworld Travis Scott lasted for nine minutes, which is a fraction of what his physical appearance would be. duty. And if he earned $1.7 million with his best show and $20 million with Fortnite, that’s more than 10 standard concert nights for a show under ten minutes.

Given the profitability of such an event, it is expected that many future artists will end up in the game and that larger groups will want to participate. Ariana Grande’s earnings will certainly not be heard after the event, but it once again shows the power of the media.

Ariana Grande concert in Fortnite: the event will be very profitable for the artist.

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