'For me, it was the end of my career': Keen'V confident without ban to cancel his tour in 2020

On Thursday July 7, Keen’V was a guest of Benjamin Castaldi at TPMP Even in the summer. The singer, with a new album, is back on his failed 2020 concert tour, which was canceled due to a lack of bookings.

In 2011, an unknown artist released the title of Summer for French Beaches: With I like very much (Mademoiselle Valery)And the ken He became a national star in just a few weeks, and even occupies the third place in sales in France. with at least 10 albums and 4 concerts In just 14 years, the singer from Seine-Maritime has become a very productive artist.

Unfortunately, success won’t be around forever: his musical style, considered Dancehall, doesn’t please everyone (proof with small gaffes even today). In 2020, he experienced a tragic setback: His Thérapie Tour has been canceled due to a lack of spectators In concert halls. “Because it wasn’t what people expected of me. I realized I was their fresh breath, their good sense of humor, their smile and everything” Explained after a few weeks on the M6.

“I was ready to do something else”

But while it could have been forgotten, Keen’V decided not to allow himself to be defeated and actually returned two years later with his tenth studio album, Diamond (after, after Dream In 2021, certified gold). Benjamin Castaldi guest on the set TPMP even in summer Speaking about this new composition, the 39-year-old singer was clear about the reasons for this professional misfortune: “Either we assume failure, or we do a trick“He begins. Which did not prevent him from going through a very difficult period:”I think it was over. If you’re so sad, it’s because For me it was over. When I said: The tour was canceled, for me we’re not used to seeing people fall and get up, that meant it was the end of their careers. I was ready to do something else.” Confident, still moving. Like a phoenix determined to rise from its ashes, Keen’V is undefeated and he intends to bring French dancing again this summer.

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