Bernard Tapie: His own palace, the target of all greed

According to Le Canard Enchaîné, François Pinault wants to buy the Hotel de Cavoye, owned by Bernard Tapie since 1986. The Breton businessman will offer 80 million euros.

The Hôtel de Cavoye is located at 52 rue des Saints-Pères in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Built at the end of the seventeenth century, This exceptional residence It retains its original design: a vestibule leading to the main staircase, reception and library rooms on the ground floor, and government apartments on the upper floor. A property acquired by Financière et Immobilière Bernard Tapie in 1986 for 100 million francs. A few years ago, it was Designer Hubert de Givenchy They acquired it and renovated the garden and interiors.

Private mansion attracts buyers today. A person whose legal problems are piling up, who has to face a double cancer, may have to give up. according to tied duck, relayed by Capital, François Pinault could have made a takeover bid to the court to bear the costs of the palace. Suggested amount: 80 million euros. It has been determined that the founder of Artémis and Kering will not quickly expel Bernard Tapie, who made it main residence. Last year, it was reported that an offer was made by a wealthy Canadian, but it did not materialize.

© Panoramic / BestmagFrançois Pinault will propose 80 million to own the property

Bernard Tapie: This property was burgled

According to our colleagues, Bernard Tapie still struggled to avoid the confiscation of his mansion, while his creditors and the courts regularly took care of the Hotel de Cavoy to allow his debts to be paid. New judicial series in perspective : The Court of Justice of the European Union should soon consider the legality of the sale of Adidas by Crédit Lyonnais, which was arbitrated in 1993 by Bernard Tapie. Neither François Pinault nor Bernard Tapie has commented on this information.

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In addition to this Parisian residence, the businessman owns several other properties such as the Breuil Mill, in Combs-la-Ville in Seine-et-Marne, which were purchased in the early 2010s, and where the Tapie clan spent part of their time in confinement. A property that has recently been the scene of a sad event: in this house, the couple Tabi is beaten and bound by four men…



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