Charlene on Prince Albert's arm to attend the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco

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Princess Charlene was alongside Prince Albert of Monaco on Saturday to meet with volunteers from the Monaco Red Cross who ensure the safety of drivers at Sunday’s Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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This is the big meeting of fans of Formula 1. On Sunday, the best drivers in the world will compete at the circuit of the Principality of Monaco. Motorsports enthusiasts and great athletes, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of course will be present to watch the competition. On Saturday, they headed to the track to meet the Red Cross volunteers who ensure the safety of drivers and the public.

© Nice Matin / Jean-Francois Otonello

Princess Charlene of Monaco broke out of silence on the evening of Tuesday 24 May 2022. Almost a year after the palace announced her health problems, which kept her away from the principality and her family for a long month, the wife of Prince Albert II gave an interview with Monaco Matin.

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In response to questions from the Mediterranean media, Princess Charlene first reassured her health, after being banned for seven months in South Africa where she underwent two major operations in the ear, nose and throat under general anesthesia, then spent four months of convalescence in Switzerland to recover from the general situation, fatigue Physical and moral. She explained that when she returned to the emirate in mid-March, she focused all her energy on her husband, children and health, which are her priorities. ” My health is still fragile and I don’t want to go too fast. The road has been long, hard and extremely painful She insisted, revealing: Today I feel calm ».

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